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Read about what we've been up to and see some of the amazing things that go on in our area!
Regenerative agriculture, or agricultural practices that improve soil health, are often associated with organic and specialty vegetable production, is gaining recognition for its soil health benefits. [...]
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Originally written for NYVT Media on 3/30/23 By Katie Jilek As New York faces a future that includes wetter winters, and periods of more frequent droughts during the summer, farming continues to be [...]
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Originally published by NYVT Media 1/30/2023 By Katie Jilek Farmers play a role in climate change. But what is it? The northeast region of the United States is facing the impact of a rapidly [...]
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ALTHOUGH OUR northeast region has not seen the devastating fires, number of tornadoes and flooding events as other parts of the U.S., we are feeling the effects of a warming climate with excessive and [...]
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THIS YEAR ASA passed the milestone of protecting over 26,000 acres with 150+ easements. The productive farm and forest land is conserved for future generations. But conserving the land is just part of [...]
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