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Get Involved


There are many different ways to get involved with ASA. One of them is bound to suit you perfectly!

There are many ways to help—even if it’s only for an hour or two.  You can work on a team during special events (like Landscapes for Landsake or the Forever Farmland Supper) or assist with administrative duties, like mailings.  If you have professional experience, creative skills (such as writing or photography), or technical expertise, we welcome your help. 

ASA events are a great way to meet interesting people, learn new things, and connect with the land—all while having fun.  Some events are purely social; some, like workshops, are educational. Many of our events are specially designed to be family-friendly.  Learn more on our upcoming events page.

Spread the Word
Introduce your friends, neighbors, and peers to land conservation by hosting an informational gathering at your home, workplace, or school.  ASA staff and board members will make presentations, answer questions, and, if there’s time, show a film. 

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