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Since its inception in 1990, ASA has helped landowners protect a variety of working lands throughout Washington and Rensselaer counties.
Ives Hill


This beautiful farmland was conserved by ASA with help from the Castanea Foundation. It has now been purchased at its agricultural value by neighboring farmers as support land for their dairy operation.

Conservation Secures Support Land for Young Farmers

In June ASA worked with the Castanea Foundation, a conservation partner, to protect a 116-acre parcel on Ives Hill Road in Easton. The property contains open, rolling fields located on a prominent ridge between Beadle Hill and Hoag Roads.

Castanea served as an “interim conservation buyer”. The organization purchased the farm and then donated an easement to ASA. Brady Wolff and Jay Wolff of Wolf Brothers Farm rented the land from Castanea Foundation during the conservation process. Once conserved, the land was purchased by these young farmers.

The Ives Hill parcel serves as support land for their nearby dairy operation currently milking 250 cows. The Ives Hill conservation easement allows improvements for agricultural purposes but does not allow for residential buildings. As Seth Jacobs, ASA President, observes, “this will help the land stay in agricultural production for the long term and keep it affordable for future generations to farm”.

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