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Level 3 - Game of Logging
26 Oct
Level 3 - Game of Logging
Date: October 26, 2019
Time: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Place: Juniper Swamp Farm
Address: 312 Juniper Swamp Road, Shushan, NY 12873
Ticket Price: $150.00

The Game of Logging is a world-recognized training curriculum developed by Swedish logger Soren Eriksson, which combines Scandinavian logging techniques with the latest systems for working safely around trees. The “game” refers to the friendly competitive aspect of the training.

Game of Logging is hands-on. One instructor works with a group of eight to ten participants to ensure that each participant has time to practice the techniques and receive personal feedback.

The entire Game of Logging is broken up into four levels, each with a full day of instruction. The Levels must be taken consecutively.

Level 3 – builds on Levels 1 and 2 and presents techniques on felling difficult trees, including trees with side and back leans. The day also covers limbing and bucking cuts.

An enthusiastic participant of the 2015 Game of Logging trainings is offering the  scholarships  with the  purpose of establishing a legacy of safety to be passed on to generations of colleagues,  friends and  family.

5 full scholarships are available for students who commit to completing all four training levels. Scholarships will include a helmet and chaps/safety pants. You may apply for a scholarship by contacting ASA staff member, Janet Britt, at 518-692-7285 or emailing janet@agstewardship.org.

Here's what past participants say about the trainings

"The GOL training was the most I have ever learned in the shortest time, with the greatest  impact on my life and great potential to help others"

"Thank-you again for the opportunity to attend the class. I have been putting my class training to use almost daily with the camp site, field edge encroachment from trees and camp site clearing after attending the GOL class." 

The Agricultural Stewardship Association is sponsoring the Game of Logging chainsaw safety trainings. Instructors from Northeast Woodland Training in Bristol, Vermont will provide the trainings. 

Complete course outlines as well as course requirements are found on the resource page of the ASA website. Click here for more details and scholarship information


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