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Make A Workplace Gift to ASA Through Earthshare
January 01, 2018
Make A Workplace Gift to ASA Through Earthshare

ASA is a member of EarthShare New York, a statewide network of the most respected environmental and conservation charities in New York and across the US. You can make a gift to ASA by payroll contribution through EarthShare New York’s workplace giving program offered by numerous private companies,  as well many state and municipal government organizations, including the New York State Employees Federated Appeal (select 999-00648 on your SEFA pledge form).

To find out more about how you and your workplace can support ASA through an EarthShare New York’s charitable giving campaign, please call Katie. You can also visit EarthShare New York’s website at earthshareny.org. Many thanks to everyone who has made a gift to ASA through EarthShare New York this year!


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