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Connecting New & Beginning Farmers to the Area
November 01, 2019
Connecting New & Beginning Farmers to the Area

ASA’s land access work continues with our participation in the Hudson Valley Farmlink Network and the recently established state-wide Farmland for the Next Generation program. Some of our recent activities include a farm tour for farmers looking for land to lease or buy and assisting several landowners with posting their farm profiles on the farm-matching websites; wwww.hudsonvalleyfarmlandfinder.org and www.nyfarmlandfinder.org.

      One of the tour participants, Chris T., expressed the following: “I'm a new farmer looking for land in the upper Hudson Valley. My vision is to steward land and create a farm operation which feeds people while helping to sustain the natural world around us. This vision includes a whole diet integrated farm, with intensive vegetable production, pastured poultry and small animals, as well as perennials. Farmers are the future, and farming needs to be able to address and combat climate change. My farm will always be open to sharing lessons and helping to educate, eventually with an on-farm program.”

      Another participant was, Kama D., who stated: “I have been farming since the age of six. When I came to the U.S. I wanted to create a farm that would benefit my community, by providing fresh fruits, vegetables and livestock. My primary goal is to be a livestock farmer.”

      Both farm seekers have completed course work and practical training and are actively looking for a long-term lease or land to purchase. We are excited to play a role in attracting some of the next generation of farmers to our region.