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Our Community

ASA is a community of people of widely different backgrounds who come together because of a common goal: we want to protect the productive lands of our region.

We are farmers, conservationists, business owners, vets, artists, hunters, hikers, realtors, teachers, retirees, parents, chefs, second home owners, public servants…the list goes on and on!

Ellen Wiley


Ellen Wiley (age 97) continues to be pleased with her decision to donate conservation easements on the historic Sherman farm where she lives. In 2004, an easement on the 120 acre farmstead in Pittstown, NY was donated to ASA.


Glen Rowse

Former Board Member

Glenwood Rowse grew up in the wide open spaces of Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. He attended high school in a cattle ranching area, where the average distance between towns was about 40 miles. Higher education eventually took Glen away from the West, and marriage and job opportunities brought him to New York’s Capital District, but those early years still resonate in his speech as well as in his choice of a permanent home.


Meg Southerland

Former Board Member

Meg Southerland grew up on the Mac Clan Farm, a dairy and poultry farm in Salem, NY. She and her siblings worked on the farm in various capacities throughout their school years, so Meg understands very well about the difficulties and the satisfaction of farming. While her brother remained on the farm to work with his father, Meg and her sisters pursued other paths. Meg’s path eventually brought her full circle back to her family farm.


Peter Niles


“I made a living here farming. My dad farmed this land before me…and who knows how many people farmed it before him. The next generation will be able to try to do the same. It’s something that you know - something you can talk with others about…milking, crops, cows, equipment, production – something in your blood,” Peter Niles as he completed the easement process on his 119 acre property in the Town of White Creek, Washington County, New York, August 2006.


The Latest NEWS

ASA HillFamilyPortrait Horiz13LWhitePhoto

Ruth Hill Farm

Ruth Hill's conservation dreams are made a reality; 195 acres protected on family farm in Schaghticoke.


Collins Family

Collins Family Farm

Five generations of Jill Collins' ancestors have worked these highly productive flat crop fields and pasturelands for over 100 years. 

Read their story...

Fedler Farm for Web

Fedler Family Farm

158 acres conserved in the town of Easton



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